Expanding Our Understanding Of Love

by Constance Kellough

Namaste Publishing Founder and Publisher of Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now.

There are many different meditation practices originating from various spiritual and secular traditions.  Most, however, stress the importance of quieting the compulsive thinking mind, which wanders on average 50 times in 5 minutes.  This on - going thinking -  often unsettling, non - productive and not related to what we are experiencing in the present moment - usually emanates from some level of egoic fear and pulls us into the past or the future.  

In order to feel the stillness which is always within us now but usually covered up by compulsive and mesmerizing self-talk, we endeavor to quiet the mind through various means.

Stillness rises on its own when there is no thought.  Eckhart Tolle has said, “Stillness is the language God speaks.”

We crave to experience blessed stillness.  Why?  Because stillness is our natural state; it’s our essential self.

Now, how does stillness relate to love? It has been said, “Be still and know that I am God.”  Because God is love, one could also say, “Be still and know that I am love.”

When two people are authentically themselves in a state of stillness (some call it “presence”) with one another, they are in a state of love.

This month we celebrate Valentine’s Day.  If seen correctly, this could be one of the most important days of the year.  What is more important than to express the energy of love to your special beloved and others?  A rose, a bouquet, a box of chocolates are tangible things we give to demonstrate our inner state.  We smile just at the shape of a heart.

Speaking of the heart, we know it is the first organ to develop in the fetus.  We know our body is electromagnetic, being the reason we need to intake water as a conductor.  The heart is conjoined with the lungs and the workings of both together transport oxygen through blood to all parts of the body, which is necessary for physical life.

There is the organ of the heart itself and there is the energy center, which surrounds the heart area.  

Although the heart and brain work synergistically sending signals back and forth to each other, the brain receives fewer signals to it than the heart does.

The heart is many times more electric than the brain and many times stronger magnetically.  That is why when we come from love, we attract love into our lives. The heart has its own nervous system, its own “brain.”  You can think with your heart! It plays a significant role in accessing our higher knowing or what we may call intuition, instant awareness.
When we come from a state of love, the electromagnetic energy around the heart extends positive affects to individuals and things around us: people, animals, even machinery.  Imagine the state of pure love Jesus came from to have such a healing and transformational effect on those around him when he walked the earth, and is still continuing to do so.  This applies to all spiritual masters.

The physical heart has two parts working together as one.  On the energetic/spiritual level, it joins us to others and leads to a consciousness of oneness with our fellow human beings. The thinking mind has become more and more polarized, meaning it lives by comparison of opposites rather than from seeing everything as connected and in harmony. This is because of egoic stress.

The ego, the false self, sees itself as separate from others and therefore having to defend itself against others, compare itself to others, be stronger than others. We can see that continuing only in this vein will lead to devolution; whereas to come from the intelligence of our hearts will lead to evolution.

I muse that sometime in the future, we will no longer say, “Happy Valentines Day,” but “Happy Heart Day.”   Isn’t the giving of heart energy one of the ways we create our happiness?  And why restrict such a day to expressing gratitude and love only to our romantic partner?  Why not let it be a time to extend our love and silent blessing to everyone we encounter that day?  Imagine how healing it would be for our world if this were practiced on a wide scale!


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