Meditation Is The Way – The Way From Conflict To Peace

by Constance Kellough

Namaste Publishing Founder and Publisher of Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now. 

For many it has become evident that the only way the world will come together in harmony is through the world-wide practice of meditation.

Through meditation, people come to realize the animating life force within, Presence.  This Presence is not personal but universal to all sentient beings.  One cannot claim to own Presence.  One cannot say, “My” Presence and “Your” Presence.  There is just One Presence.  

So when a person comes to realize the Presence within them, they can sense that same Presence within everyone.  It is the single shared element of our humanity. It binds us and leads to harmonious, caring practices since through meditation one comes to the awareness of not only I am my brother’s keeper, but I am my brother.  In such a Oneness, there can be no conflict.

I call meditation the most sacred and most powerful of sacred actions.  

Up until now in human history, humans only felt their separation which led to conflict out-pictured in the world in myriad ways and through numerous forms: religion, politics, business practices, and revolutions mainly in the form of wars.

The only way the world can come to harmony is through meditation spread far and wide.  Meditation is inclusive of all faiths.  One can be a Christian, a Jew, a Buddhist, a Muslim, Hindu, and so on – even an atheist and still meditate. Meditation brings people into a consciousness of Oneness.

Our world is not going to be saved by human structures or institutions but by individuals who practice meditation. For meditation to be practiced on a large, a world-wide scale, people must come to realize the importance of it, of the loving and trans-formative force it is.  This can only be realized by practicing it.  And then, we will come to realize to put this first in our lives.

People spend years getting degrees, climbing the career ladder, acquiring things but do not take time to do the one thing that is causative of what they experience in their lives.

It is well individuals make meditation part of their daily practice.  However, when individuals join together in meditation, the affects are logarithmic.  2 + 3 = 40.  It usually happens that the individuals, if they are ready, will be able to rise quickly to the level of consciousness held by the most conscious within the group, which in the East they call a Sangha.  Individuals to groups to groups within groups meditating can change our world.  Indeed, that is the only thing that can.  And the peace, joy, and harmony that emanates from such meditations will bring about a world we have only dreamed could be.  Such practice of meditation on a world-wide scale will ignite a wild fire of consciousness which will light up our world.



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