The Art of Manifestation

What can you do to manifest something for yourself? Or how can you manifest something that will become big enough to share with somebody else?

by Derek O'Neill

Based on the absolute truth we are all are creating our reality, from illnesses, to your lifestyle and the very situations that come and go out of our lives. As individuals if we are creating all this stuff, then you can imagine how much more powerful it gets if as a community when we all begin to click in to the same consciousness whether it is positive or negative.

Some of the older generation might remember a time, I certainly do, I can remember a time when I slept in a bedroom with five brothers with a blanket thrown over us and, honest to God, it was amazing! And here’s the thing we survived. And as far as communication goes we were far less distracted by all the materialistic stuff. The technology and all the stuff that’s now being used to entrap us, to keep us entrapped in the prison we have made for ourselves.

What’s happened to the world is that we have become so attached to materialistic wealth and when it’s taken away people are like children throwing a tantrum. We have to stop throwing tantrums. One of the things that I would highly suggest is that people begin to stop blaming politicians. I’ll tell you why, because all that energy you’re using blaming them is draining your life force. It’s draining your ability to stay positive, and it’s creating more of that. At the end of the day, the politician that you’re blaming is literally just going to stand up, walk out the door and say, ‘I did my best.’ They’ll have their pension, they’ll have everything, and the worst thing you can do is to get angry with that.

It’s OK for anger to arise, to make sure this doesn’t happen again, but it’s not OK to hold on to the anger. Remember more truth will set you free. And the reason it’s called ‘More Truth Will Set You Free’ and not The Truth Will Set You Free, is because the truth is too big, it’s too vast, it’s too hard to find. One of the things I discovered in my own life was as I began to learn the little truths in my own life that’s when I began to heal. So, the more truth I got, the deeper the healing went.

If you’re thinking negative about something, you’re just going to create more negativity it’s as simple as that. So stop the negative thinking, turn the negative thinking into the positive. I know many people who have been visited by cancer and I say ‘visited’ because that’s all cancer is a visitor. It’s coming and knocking at your door saying to you…

‘There’s a part of you that’s angry and if you don’t look at me I’m going to just split and I’m going to become twice that anger, I’m only a messenger and as soon as you hear the message that you’re lifestyle has to change, I’ll disappear and you won’t see me again.’

This is the same with headaches, financial situations or the same with problems. We are open to have all these things come to us, not to hurt us but to enlighten us, and if we’re not willing to listen to that inner system of ours that says this is not right, well then we end up in a state of illness or state of dis-ease or whatever else you want to call it.

Now it’s time to take back your power. And all the energy required is for people to come together and lift themselves in a positive, disciplined and structured way. It’s time for each individual to sit with their own set of circumstances and begin to look at what help is actually there. Now go pave your path with gold by standing in your power!





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