Spiritual Teachings on Wealth & Desire

by Derek O'Neill

Many different spiritual paths and teachings include reflections on desire and attachment, and how it can keep us from our truth. Across the spectrum of thought, belief about higher desires – to do good and let go of lower desires – is a common thread. Being human means we experience desire. In order to live a spiritual existence, we have to look at desire and begin to define it differently for ourselves, and for the world.

If we trace back where desires come from, we find attachment and the fear that drives it. We are scared that we will not have love, or money, or status. We can even become attached to anger and resentment, sadness, or other emotions. Attachment exaggerates and distorts what we think we must have, and creates even more desire. More desire creates more attachments. It is a cycle that manifests into suffering.



Desire is a natural part of being human. Wanting something is not “wrong” or unnatural....

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